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Protect yourself and your loved ones.

Disability and Life Insurance are key components of any sound financial plan. They help to protect against the unexpected, freeing you to focus on doing the things you love.

A Trusted Partner

The Standard is the only CTA-endorsed provider of Disability and Life Insurance. CTA chose us for our long record of strength, stability and service. And together we partnered to create Disability and Life Insurance plans specifically designed to meet the needs of educators and education support professionals.

More than 75,0001 of your fellow CTA members have chosen to protect their income and way of life with the CTA-endorsed plans. You can learn more about protecting yourself and your loved ones with our Disability and Life coverage options. And when you are ready, apply for coverage using our convenient online application or by filling out and sending in our enrollment form.

1 As of April 2, 2014, based on figures developed by Standard Insurance Company.

The information described here is subject to all terms and provisions of the Group Policy.


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